Here are some tips for this holiday weekend to keep our beaches clean:

1)  Only take reusable items to the beach (avoid Styrofoam coolers and single-use plastics)
2)  Enjoy your bash but can your trash (be sure to toss any trash into a bin and recycle what you can)
3)  Help cleanup after (walk the tideline early each morning then join the Clean Beach Coalition for the Morning After Mess Cleanup)

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A group of San Diego local environmental organizations, community groups, and others united as the San Diego Clean Beach Coalition (SDCBC) are asking the public to help prevent the unsightly and dangerous pollution problem that plagues the area’s beaches during July 4 and other major summer holidays. The group wants people visiting the beach to remember to dispose of trash properly in trashcans, trash bags and recycling receptacles.

After July 4 last year, volunteers picked up over 4,000 pounds of trash and 28,000 cigarette butts from the sands of six beaches throughout San Diego County. Thanks to the support of many local businesses, the Coalition has purchase over 125 temporary trash and recycling receptacles which will be placed strategically throughout Mission Beach, Mission Bay, and Pacific Beach. These bins will give beachgoers an easy and convenient solution to disposing of their trash, as opposed to creating more beach litter.

“”Litter on the beach is not only an eye sore for San Diego but it can be harmful to people and marine life,” said SDCBC member Bill Hickman. “No one wants to be cut their foot on a can or sharp object that may be left behind. We also want to prevent litter from becoming marine debris where some birds, fish and turtles can mistake it for food with dire consequences.”

The SDCBC formed last year to develop and execute a comprehensive plan to prevent beach litter during the holiday. The coalition is a joint partnership between I Love A Clean San Diego, San Diego Coastkeeper, the San Diego Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation,, and City of San Diego lifeguards, police, and park rangers.

The partners of the coalition are working together again this year to reduce the amount of litter left strewn on San Diego beaches on the 4th of July holiday and throughout the summer.  SDCBC is working to create awareness of the resources available for beachgoers to properly dispose of their trash during holiday celebrations; place additional trash and recycling receptacles along popular Pacific and Mission beaches for the public’s use during the 4th of July and Labor Day weekends, increase recycling; and educate people planning to visit the beaches about the rules and regulations at local beaches.

The public can also pitch in by helping clean the beach of trash after the Fourth of July weekend at the “Morning After Mess” beach cleanup event on Monday, July 6. From 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., the Morning After Mess event will organize volunteers to assist workers picking up the massive amounts of trash left at five San Diego County beaches from Oceanside to Ocean Beach over the Fourth of July holiday.

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