Clean Beach Coalition is starting the year right by preparing to place 200 temporary trash and recycling bins along the beach at Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay, and Pacific Beach for the long holiday weekends during Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.

As we gear up for a busy Summer, we want to remind everyone how to recycle properly! One of the biggest barriers to getting beachgoers to recycle is a lack of knowledge on what is recyclable and what isn’t. To minimize the confusion, please refer to I Love A Clean San Diego’s zero waste guide to find out what you can recycle and what should go in the trash bin, click HERE to view graphic

Some of the common recyclables brought to the beach include:


-Plastic bottles

-Aluminum cans

-Rigid plastics and containers

-Styrofoam coolers

-Plastic toys

How to prepare your recyclables:

1. Recyclables should be CLEAN, DRY and EMPTY.
2. Recyclables should be loose. DO NOT BAG.
3. Recycle all the items listed above in the temporary recycling bin labeled “RECYCLE HERE”

*Temporary recycling bin will be located directly in the sand at Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay and Pacific Beach on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day weekends.

Clean Beach Coalition recommends beachgoers bring their own reusable water bottles, reusable containers, reusable coolers and reusable utensils to eliminate trash that is generated from a day out in the beach and to help keep litter out of the ocean.

Questions about recycling? For more information, visit

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