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The San Diego Clean Beach Coalition (SDCBC) is a collaboration of local non-profit organizations and city agencies focused on coastal stewardship, raising awareness of beach litter issues and preventing marine debris.

Enjoy your bash, but can your trash!
This summer over popular holiday weekends, hundreds of thousands of beachgoers head to the beaches and bays for some fun in the sun over their holiday weekend. I Love A Clean San Diego leads the Clean Beach Coalition alongside partners at FreePB.org and City of San Diego Parks and Recreation, lifeguards, police, and park rangers to ensure San Diegans have a safe and litter-free summer in San Diego. Over Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day holidays weekends, the coalition places 200 temporary trash and recycling bins directly on the sand at Ocean Beach, Mission Beach and Bay, and Pacific Beach to meet the demand from locals and tourists alike that flocked to the coast over the long weekend. With this added infrastructure, we ask San Diegans and tourists alike to be responsible with their trash and to recycle. Easy, convenient, and readily available bins make it simple to make the right choice when disposing of your trash. Over Summer 2013, 353,000 pounds of trash and recyclables were disposed of in the proper bins and trash cans, preventing litter by the ton from contaminating our beaches and our ocean.

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Let’s keep the tradition going in 2014!! The Clean Beach Coalition is looking for community minded sponsors to support this valuable program. If you would like to become a 2014 Clean Beach Coalition sponsor, contact Natalie Roberts at I Love A Clean San Diego. More information is available in the sponsorship packet, including levels of giving and associated benefits. As a Clean Beach Coalition sponsor, you have the only opportunity in San Diego to advertise directly on the beach, where your logo will be seen by hundreds of thousands of beachgoers! Whether you swim, surf, sunbathe, or bbq, keep the beaches you love clean and healthy to preserve your San Diego lifestyle all summer long!

Prevent litter by following these steps for a sustainable day at the beach…

You can go one step further by preventing trash in the first place by switching from single use disposable snacks, beverages, and coolers to reusable alternatives. Aim to bring a reusable water bottle you can refill while at the beach or wherever you go. Snacks can be kept in tupperware or reusable snack bags instead of individually packaged, wasteful alternatives. And when you pack up your cooler, save money and cut down on waste by investing in a reusable cooler rather than a styrofoam cooler. Styrofoam coolers don’t last, and break down quickly into small pieces that harm marine wildlife. Click here for more ways to prep for a sustainable day at the beach!

Why is the Clean Beach Coalition important?

Each summer season, non-profit organizations, local government agencies, and corporate groups join forces in an effort to prevent the hordes of litter that contaminate our treasured coastline every summer. Due to the sheer volume of people and the trash that comes along with everyone at the beach, trash cans often overflow quickly, giving everyone an excuse not to pick up any of their waste. This leads to a stadium mentality, where everyone throws their trash on the ground, thinking it will be someone else’s responsibility. In addition, traditionally beaches do not have recycling available for plastic bottles, cans, or glass causing all of these items to be wasted in a trash can. Recycling is extremely important, as it saves natural resources including plastics made from oil, and additionally saves space in our already over-crowded landfills.

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The San Diego Clean Beach Coalition, a project of I Love A Clean San Diego, FreePB.org, and the City of San Diego Parks & Recreation Department has been busy this summer working to keep our most popular beaches free of trash! The Coalition’s efforts have results in the placement of more than 200 temporary trash and recycling bins, which were purchased to handle the influx of trash and recyclables that accompany the large crowds over summer holiday weekends. This much needed infrastructure prevents litter, overflowing trash cans, and lack of recycling opportunities available at local beaches.

This year, thanks to our generous sponsors, we were able to expand the program into a third holiday weekend, and placed the bins at Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay, and Pacific Beach over Memorial Day weekend. These bins were placed conveniently on the sand, giving thousands of beachgoers the opportunity to make the responsible choice when disposing of trash at the beach. A total of more than 23,000 pounds of trash and 2,000 pounds of recycling were properly disposed of in these bins this Memorial Day weekend!

Over Fourth of July weekend, the Clean Beach Coalition stepped up its efforts with more than 100 trash & Recycle bins placed along the beach. These bins collected a staggering 250,920 pounds of debris over a four day period! In addition to infrastructure, the Clean Beach Coalition aimed to prevent litter by creating and disseminating educational messaging reminding San Diegans about litter prevention techniques to incorporate into their weekend and their daily lives. These efforts prevented tons of trash from polluting our beaches and threatening ocean health, but also helped to educate thousands of beachgoers!

The last hurrah of the 2013 summer season is Labor Day weekend, and the Clean Beach Coalition is poised to finish the summer on a high note. I Love A Clean San Diego, FreePB.org and the City of San Diego Parks & Recreation Department will again disseminate more than 50 trash and recycle bins along the beach. Large pollution prevention banners will also be placed at main lifeguard stations as well as sponsoring restaurants & bars in Pacific Beach.

The Clean Beach Coalition reminds you to enjoy the scene, but keep it clean. Dispose of all trash and recycling in the temporary receptacles on the sand!

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San Diego, CA – In anticipation of this year’s Memorial Day kicking off a busy summer season, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and local businesses have come together in an effort to prevent the influx of litter that contaminates our treasured coastline every summer. The San Diego Clean Beach Coalition (CBC), led by I Love A Clean San Diego, will be expanding its pollution prevention effort by placing temporary trash and recycle bins on the sand for Memorial Day weekend. This is the first time that Memorial Day weekend has been included since the campaign began in 2007. FreePB, who first initiated this bin program, are still actively involved as partners in the annual effort to keep our most popular beaches clean.

The Clean Beach Coalition will work with City of San Diego’s Park & Recreation Department to place hundreds of temporary trash and recycle receptacles on beaches of Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay and Pacific Beach. These bins make it easy for people to “enjoy their bash, while canning their trash”, and ensure that there is plenty of space for everyone’s waste.

The Clean Beach Coalition is a collaboration of local non-profit organizations and city agencies focused on coastal stewardship, raising awareness of beach litter issues and preventing marine debris. CBC objectives include: creating awareness of the resources available for beachgoers to properly dispose of their trash during holiday celebrations, educating the community about pollution prevention through signage at local businesses, increasing recycling, and educating people planning to visit the beaches about the rules and regulations.

Major support for this year’s expanded pollution prevention efforts come from Pacific Beach Shore Club and Think Blue – City of San Diego’s Storm Water & Transportation Department. A few new sponsors are also helping to offset the cost of these bins, including Typhoon Saloon, SeaWorld San Diego, Northrup Grumman, The Heller Foundation of San Diego and Rubio’s. They are joining the ranks of returning sponsors Lahaina’s, Vavi, Bar West, and car2go to keep our beaches free from trash this summer.

The SDBC advises beach goers to avoid bringing Styrofoam and plastic bottles, bags and wrappers to the beaches as these can harm wildlife and are not biodegradable. Instead, bring reusable coolers, containers and water bottles and be sure to dispose of all trash and recyclables. Additional information about the campaign is available at www.CleanBeachCoalition.org

I Love A Clean San Diego is the go-to organization for programs that enhance and conserve the local environment. Through recycling, education and cleanups of our most beloved areas, I Love A Clean San Diego is the only community-based organization dedicated to the future of the entire county – from inland to the coast, in every community, for generations to come. For more information, visit www.cleansd.org.

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Here are some tips for this holiday weekend to keep our beaches clean:

1)  Only take reusable items to the beach (avoid Styrofoam coolers and single-use plastics)
2)  Enjoy your bash but can your trash (be sure to toss any trash into a bin and recycle what you can)
3)  Help cleanup after (walk the tideline early each morning then join the Clean Beach Coalition for the Morning After Mess Cleanup)

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