This summer as you head out to enjoy the sun, sand and surf take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the beach and be sure to recycle and throw away your trash. The free bins will be ensuring that you can enjoy a clean and safe beach weekend this summer!
Clean Beach Coalition will once again be placing temporary trash and recycling bins along the beach at Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay, and Pacific Beach for the long holiday weekends during Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.


-80% of marine debris originates on land Instead of littering help to fight adding more trash to the 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic floating in our oceans.

-Around 8 million pieces of litter enter the marine environment every day

-Plastic bags take 10 – 20 years to decompose on the ocean floor.

-Cigarette butts continue to top lists as the #1 item found during beach cleanups attributing over 26% of litter.

What you can do?

Bring reusable items to your holiday beach day including reusable bags, reusable straws, coolers, reusable water bottles, reusable silverware, and reusable containers.

Avoid: plastic bags, disposable straws, disposable utensils, plastic water bottles and paper plates, Styrofoam/plastic cups and Styrofoam coolers.

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Clean Beach Coalition is starting the year right by preparing to place 200 temporary trash and recycling bins along the beach at Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay, and Pacific Beach for the long holiday weekends during Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.

As we gear up for a busy Summer, we want to remind everyone how to recycle properly! One of the biggest barriers to getting beachgoers to recycle is a lack of knowledge on what is recyclable and what isn’t. To minimize the confusion, please refer to I Love A Clean San Diego’s zero waste guide to find out what you can recycle and what should go in the trash bin, click HERE to view graphic

Some of the common recyclables brought to the beach include:


-Plastic bottles

-Aluminum cans

-Rigid plastics and containers

-Styrofoam coolers

-Plastic toys

How to prepare your recyclables:

1. Recyclables should be CLEAN, DRY and EMPTY.
2. Recyclables should be loose. DO NOT BAG.
3. Recycle all the items listed above in the temporary recycling bin labeled “RECYCLE HERE”

*Temporary recycling bin will be located directly in the sand at Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay and Pacific Beach on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day weekends.

Clean Beach Coalition recommends beachgoers bring their own reusable water bottles, reusable containers, reusable coolers and reusable utensils to eliminate trash that is generated from a day out in the beach and to help keep litter out of the ocean.

Questions about recycling? For more information, visit

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This years successful Clean Beach Coalition program placed 200 trash and recycling bins and collected over 61,000 pounds of debris over the busiest summer holiday weekends: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day!
Each year, we are glad our our coalition unifies our beach goers about the impacts trash can have on our precious San Diego Coastline. We are proud to display bins showcasing our generous sponsors, tips on best recycling practices, and beach safety!
We close out 2017 with our heads high and ready for another year of saving our oceans!

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On Thursday, June 30th the San Diego Clean Beach Coalition (SDCBC) will host its 9th annual Fourth of July weekend press event from 11:00 to 11:30 a.m. at Fanuel Street Park in Pacific Beach. The media will hear first-hand from local law enforcement, elected officials and coalition members including: I Love A Clean San Diego (ILACSD),, the City of San Diego Parks & Recreation Department, and businesses. The press event will highlight how beachgoers can reduce waste and protect San Diego’s environment during the holiday weekend. More information about the coalition and its accomplishments are available at

Millions of San Diegans and out of town visitors are expected to flock to the San Diego’s local beaches and bays this summer to enjoy the beautiful views and perfect weather. Unfortunately, permanent trash receptacles are inundated with large amounts of litter due to this influx of beachgoers. For our upcoming summer holidays, the SDCBC will place 125 temporary trash and recycling bins along San Diego’s most heavily-trafficked beaches: Mission Beach, Mission Bay, Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach to mitigate overflowing receptacles and marine debris.

Marine debris is not just an eyesore—it poses a serious health threat to local wildlife and negatively impacts water quality. Since the SDCBC’s inception in 2007, these temporary bins have collected an impressive 3.3 million pounds of trash which is the equivalent of three Boeing 747 airplanes. The SDCBC bins make proper disposal the easy and convenient choice while everyone enjoys their time seaside.

Major support for this year’s pollution prevention efforts comes from Think Blue San Diego, PB Shore Club, Anheuser Busch, SeaWorld, Wonderland, PB Local, Rubio’s, Mission Beach Women’s Club, Tavern, Sandbar, and Vavi.

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The San Diego Clean Beach Coalition, a partnership between I Love A Clean San Diego, Free PB, and the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department, has said goodbye to summer 2015 by once again keeping our beaches litter-free. The coalition placed 150 large temporary trash and recycling bins on beaches in San Diego over the busiest holiday weekends–Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. These bins give beach-goers a way to responsibly dispose of their trash and recycling and prevents trash from becoming litter on our beaches and in our oceans.

The temporary trash and recycle bins had a big impact in 2015–over the 3 holiday weekends, they collected an estimated 500,000 pounds of trash and recycling! That’s 500,000 pounds of debris that may have made its way to the ocean, where it would be devastatingly harmful to marine life. 500,000 pounds is a pretty serious haul: it’s the weight of 150 adult hippos!

In addition to collecting trash, the bins also featured the local beach rules and regulations, as well as the local recycling rules. These rules reminded tens of thousands of beach-goers of ways to take care of their local environment and live a bit more sustainably.

The Clean Beach Coalition also reminds you to pack your reusables before you hit the beach. Bringing things like a reusable water bottle, Tupperware, reusable utensils, a plastic cooler, and cloth napkins helps to reduce the amount of waste making its way to the landfill.

Looking for ways to keep our beaches clean all year long? I Love A Clean San Diego has you covered. Visit to learn about upcoming cleanups and ongoing volunteer opportunities.

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The San Diego Clean Beach Coalition, a partnership between I Love A Clean San Diego,, and the City of San Diego’s Park and Recreation Department, is gearing up for the busiest beach weekend of the year! The Coalition’s goal is to keep our most popular beaches litter-free by placing temporary trash and recycling bins on the sand during the busy summer holiday weekends. These bins prevent litter and overflowing trash cans that often result from the influx of visitors, and they provide a much needed recycling option at local beaches.

The program kicked off the 2015 summer season over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Trash and recycling bins placed at Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay and Pacific Beach captured thousands of pounds of debris that could have ended up as litter on our beaches and in our oceans. Thanks to our generous sponsors for your support!

 photo 8aafc9a8-39f1-43b8-bd32-64ff04a998b7_zpsgnhze6i5.jpg

Keep an eye out for our bins over the 4th of July weekend–there will be 75 bins placed at our busiest beaches. The trash and recycling bins will be back in action one final time over Labor Day Weekend. Remember, the Clean Beach Coalition reminds you to enjoy the scene, but keep it clean!

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Sponsors are needed for the 2015 Clean Beach Coalition program, a successful summertime program educating beachgoers and preventing litter by the ton from local beaches in San Diego. In 2014, 200 temporary trash and recycling bins were placed at Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay, and Ocean Beach over the Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day holiday weekends, where they were heavily used by beachgoers to protect our coastline. Beachgoers properly disposed of and recycled 145,000 pounds of would-be litter in these bins. Thank you to all 2014 program supporters, including City of San Diego Think Blue, PB Shoreclub, Typhoon Saloon, The Heller Foundation, SeaWorld San Diego, Sandbar, Tavern at the Beach, Rubio’s, Anheuser Busch, VAVi, Mission Beach Women’s Club, and Bar West, as well as all those responsible beach visitors who help us to prevent litter!

Not only did these bins prevent litter, but they also offered a recycling option for beach visitors. If you are not sure what to put into the recycling bin, the following items are recyclable in San Diego County: aluminum cans and aluminum foil, clean dry paper and cardboard, glass of any color and size, and hard plastics such as a two liter soda bottle, personal water bottle, or plastic party cups. Some common items mistaken for recycling that should actually go into the trash include styrofoam, paper cups, and plastic bags or wrappers.

Review the program partnership packet for more information, including levels of giving and associated benefits.

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The San Diego Clean Beach Coalition, a project of I Love A Clean San Diego,, and the City of San Diego Parks & Recreation Department has been busy this summer working to keep our most popular beaches free of trash! The Coalition’s efforts have results in the placement of more than 200 temporary trash and recycling bins, which were purchased to handle the influx of trash and recyclables that accompany the large crowds over summer holiday weekends. This much needed infrastructure prevents litter, overflowing trash cans, and lack of recycling opportunities available at local beaches.

This year, thanks to our generous sponsors, we were able to expand the program into a third holiday weekend, and placed the bins at Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay, and Pacific Beach over Memorial Day weekend. These bins were placed conveniently on the sand, giving thousands of beachgoers the opportunity to make the responsible choice when disposing of trash at the beach. A total of more than 23,000 pounds of trash and 2,000 pounds of recycling were properly disposed of in these bins this Memorial Day weekend!

Over Fourth of July weekend, the Clean Beach Coalition stepped up its efforts with more than 100 trash & Recycle bins placed along the beach. These bins collected a staggering 250,920 pounds of debris over a four day period! In addition to infrastructure, the Clean Beach Coalition aimed to prevent litter by creating and disseminating educational messaging reminding San Diegans about litter prevention techniques to incorporate into their weekend and their daily lives. These efforts prevented tons of trash from polluting our beaches and threatening ocean health, but also helped to educate thousands of beachgoers!

The last hurrah of the 2013 summer season is Labor Day weekend, and the Clean Beach Coalition is poised to finish the summer on a high note. I Love A Clean San Diego, and the City of San Diego Parks & Recreation Department will again disseminate more than 50 trash and recycle bins along the beach. Large pollution prevention banners will also be placed at main lifeguard stations as well as sponsoring restaurants & bars in Pacific Beach.

The Clean Beach Coalition reminds you to enjoy the scene, but keep it clean. Dispose of all trash and recycling in the temporary receptacles on the sand!

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San Diego, CA – In anticipation of this year’s Memorial Day kicking off a busy summer season, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and local businesses have come together in an effort to prevent the influx of litter that contaminates our treasured coastline every summer. The San Diego Clean Beach Coalition (CBC), led by I Love A Clean San Diego, will be expanding its pollution prevention effort by placing temporary trash and recycle bins on the sand for Memorial Day weekend. This is the first time that Memorial Day weekend has been included since the campaign began in 2007. FreePB, who first initiated this bin program, are still actively involved as partners in the annual effort to keep our most popular beaches clean.

The Clean Beach Coalition will work with City of San Diego’s Park & Recreation Department to place hundreds of temporary trash and recycle receptacles on beaches of Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Mission Bay and Pacific Beach. These bins make it easy for people to “enjoy their bash, while canning their trash”, and ensure that there is plenty of space for everyone’s waste.

The Clean Beach Coalition is a collaboration of local non-profit organizations and city agencies focused on coastal stewardship, raising awareness of beach litter issues and preventing marine debris. CBC objectives include: creating awareness of the resources available for beachgoers to properly dispose of their trash during holiday celebrations, educating the community about pollution prevention through signage at local businesses, increasing recycling, and educating people planning to visit the beaches about the rules and regulations.

Major support for this year’s expanded pollution prevention efforts come from Pacific Beach Shore Club and Think Blue – City of San Diego’s Storm Water & Transportation Department. A few new sponsors are also helping to offset the cost of these bins, including Typhoon Saloon, SeaWorld San Diego, Northrup Grumman, The Heller Foundation of San Diego and Rubio’s. They are joining the ranks of returning sponsors Lahaina’s, Vavi, Bar West, and car2go to keep our beaches free from trash this summer.

The SDBC advises beach goers to avoid bringing Styrofoam and plastic bottles, bags and wrappers to the beaches as these can harm wildlife and are not biodegradable. Instead, bring reusable coolers, containers and water bottles and be sure to dispose of all trash and recyclables. Additional information about the campaign is available at

I Love A Clean San Diego is the go-to organization for programs that enhance and conserve the local environment. Through recycling, education and cleanups of our most beloved areas, I Love A Clean San Diego is the only community-based organization dedicated to the future of the entire county – from inland to the coast, in every community, for generations to come. For more information, visit

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22  May
Party On Patriots!

Show your patriotism these Memorial Day and 4th of July weekends by respecting the land upon which you celebrate! Despite the beach alcohol ban imposed in January 2008, the type of trash has changed, but not the amount. Based on our beach cleanup data, we have identified a few items that lead to the most beach trash and thought up easy replacements for you AND THE BEACH to have a good time.

What NOT to bring:
-Styrofoam: I know that cooler is super cheap, but Styrofoam is one of our top finds in our beach cleanups. It breaks up into tiny little pieces and flies into storm drains, bushes, the ocean, etc. It is not only unsightly and difficult to pick up, but it poses a threat to wildlife who mistake it for food. San Diego does not recycle Styrofoam, and Styrofoam is estimated to take over 500 years to biodegrade. Thus, every piece you ever use will be around for the next 5 generations of your own family!

Photobucket Photobucket

-Plastic bottles: It may seem easy and convenient to bring your Sprite and Coke in those small individual plastic bottles, but try to opt for metal cans that are more cost-effective recyclables. Plastic is one of our Top Three Beach Trash items found in huge quantities at our cleanups and like Styrofoam, takes at least 500 years to biodegrade.


-Cigarettes: We collected 60,271 cigarette butts in 2012 and it has been illegal to smoke on San Diego beaches since 2006! If you must smoke, at least be responsible and get your butt in the trash can.

-Plastic Bags: These are so lightweight they will be out of your sight and into the sea in no time.

-Plastic-wrapped food: Try to avoid things that are heavily packaged in what will become trash! You won’t want to deal with it during your celebration, nor will the other patriots when it flies into their “O, Say Can You See”-singing mouths.

What to bring:
-Reusable Cooler: This will be a good way to haul out trash once the beverages are gone!

-Tupperware: Pack sandwiches and pasta salad and other homemade goodies in Tupperware, then you can just stack and wash them later.

-Reusable water bottle: Buy your water/beverages in bulk and then you can refill your bottle throughout the day.

-Reusable bag: Pack it in, Pack it out!

-Trash bags: If you are going to create trash, be prepared and have a place to stash it. It is likely someone didn’t bring their own bag and they trekked in tons of plastic bags. Ask around, make friends and you could reuse a plastic bag from another beach go-er. You can always reuse an empty chip bag for a trash bag; get creative!

-Finger Food and Napkins: Plastic utensils are not recyclable; what a waste of our precious non-renewable resources! Bring food that doesn’t require silverware. If you’re dead-set on coleslaw, bring chop sticks. You can always bring silverware from home and toss it back in the cooler with the Tupperware at the end of the day. Just make sure to have friends over the next day to help with the dishes.


Thank you for taking the time and care to reduce the amount of trash we create! It is a time to respect out history, our progress, our service members, and yes, to party with friends. It is not too much to ask to plan ahead and take responsibility for the trash you create at your own celebration.

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